Terms & Conditions

1  Copyright Correct will not check the copyright / license status of images posted on a blog, twitter or any other social media tool appearing on the web-site our client has asked us to advise on. (We do recommend any images appearing on a blog / social media tool associated with said web-site are removed).

2 Copyright Correct will not be responsible for the license status of any images used on the client’s web-site subsequent to Copyright Correct providing a full action report for images found during our consultant period.

3  Copyright Correct will provide a full and detailed price break down of any proposed works before commencing for the client. This will be based on the number of images used by the client on the web-site concerned.

4 The client will pay Copyright Correct 50% of fees due before any work commences and the balancing 50% on completion of works.

5  Payment shall be made no later than 14 days from Copyright Correct supplying full and final report with recommendations.

6  Copyright Correct can only advise that certain actions be taken on completion of works undertaken. Copyright Correct is in no way responsible for subsequent action taken by a license / copyright holder of an image(s) for images used historically and found to be in breach of copyright law.

7  Copyright Correct will supply on completion of works a full standardised report detailing images used on site with recommended action to be taken.

8 Copyright Correct cannot be held responsible for images that have been digitally manipulated or altered in any way by the client for use on the web site concerned. These images will not be checked by Copyright Correct for potential license infringements.

9  Copyright Correct is an advisory service and will not be held responsible for any claims made on the client by the license holder / copyright owner of an image used on any site checked by Copyright Correct. Images once removed may still be found by the license holder using a historical image search tool.